THE FIGURES: Autodoc is the fastest growing automotive aftermarket online retailers in Europe. It has announced sales target of 800 million euros by the end of the year 2020. Autodoc has been selling extremely well in Germany and France – well over 50% more than last year. Globally automotive aftermarket business size is around 320 billion euros. This number includes also the business of the distribution and service channels.

THE BUSINESS IDEA of AUTODOC: In their own words, Autodoc’s business idea is to provide cheap aftermarket parts to the customers. Intresting fact is that they have opened dozens of online stores with different names, but with same content all around the Europe. Every country seem to have around 5 to 10 parallel stores – local languages are of course well covered. They are using domestic domain names like .uk, .de, .se, .fi. Why is that? Try doing google search with something like “car parts toyota” etc in different european languages. Half of the first page google results can be traced back to Autodoc.

WHERE’S THE CATCH. The customer may end up thinking that these are all different stores ran by different dealers. For example, if you have bad experience on one online dealer, you might even give a negative review to them and think that changing the supplier would help. Maybe that’s where this company is aiming for? Autodoc does not need to care about getting bad reputation, because the consumers will always search for the cheapest parts from the internet. And by that, Autodoc has already created a few more online stores with clear reputation. Odds are the customer will always end up to the same place without even knowing that.


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