Denso Denso
Air & Fuel Delivery, Engines & Components, Exhaust, Ignitions & Electrical

Main owner: Toyota Motors
The company develops and manufactures various auto parts, including gasoline and diesel engine components, hybrid vehicle components, climate control systems, instrument clusters, air-bag systems, pre-crash radar systems, and spark plugs. Denso also develops and manufactures non-automotive components, such as household heating equipment, industrial robots and the QR Code. The Denso Industrial Robot gained wide public attention in Japan when it conducted a game of Shogi (Japanese Chess) against professional players.[10][11]

In 2014, DENSO’s global sales were distributed as follows:

Thermal Systems 30.4%
Powertrain Control Systems 35.0%
Electronic Systems 15.3%
Electric Systems 9.4%
Electric Motors 7.0%
Other Automotive Products 1.4%
Industrial Systems, Consumer Products 1.1%
Other Non-Automotive Products 0.4%
(Source: Wikipedia)

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