----- Cables, ----- Fans, ----- Ignition Components, ----- Radiators, ----- Sensors, ----- Spark- / Glow Plugs, ----- Thermostats & Housings, Cooling & Heating, Ignitions & Electrical, Lights & Lightning

The FAE product range includes Oxygen Sensors, MAP Sensors, Exhaust Pressure Sensors, Timing and Revolution Sensors, Wheel Speed Sensors (ABS), Oil Pressure Switches and Transmitters, Temperature and Pressure Sensors, Stop-Light and Reversing Light Switches, Temperature and Radiator Fan Transmitters, Ignition Coils, Ignition Leads, Glow Plugs, Thermostats, Solenoids, Knock Sensors and Electric Valves.

With more than 68 years’ experience and based in Barcelona, FAE exports 75% of its turnover and is currently present in more than 97 countries. (source: company homepage)

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